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WordPress Web Design Company

Design and Rank have earned its name as the leading provider of WordPress web design company from India through its dedicated teams of WordPress developers, WordPress designers and coders. With clients from every region of the world, including USA, UK, middle east Asia and Indian subcontinent, Design and Rank is a global brand, delivering tailor-made solutions to customers from every industry. 

There is no dearth of WordPress designers and WordPress design companies. One search on the internet will get you over a million results. However, Design and Rank is different as we approach each project individually, irrespective of the size of the project. After a complete SWOT analysis, we present our solution to the client and make modifications as per their wish. 

We believe every business is unique and thus, our approach to each project is different. We understand the requirements completely and then proceed to the design. Our solutions are always based on the latest WordPress version so it is up-to-date, carries the latest features and deliver highly functional websites.

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Extended Functionalities:

If you want to add a new feature to your website, like adding a Twitter feed or a video gallery, after it is completed, we do it for free. If you want to implement a big feature like integrating payment gateway, we do it for a nominal extra charge!

Totally Customisable :

We are experts of WordPress engine and when we develop a site, we make sure that it is designed just for your business. Our websites will create a unique identity for your brand and give visitors the experience you want to give them.

Simple Administration :

We understand that our clients are not WordPress experts and so we keep the back-end really simple. No matter how big your website is, you can easily maintain it, at least the simpler tasks, very easily by yourself.

Varied Purpose :

DO you want a blog? A business site? Run an affiliate program? Whatever your requirement is, we have a perfect solution for you. Check our clients list to know the variety of solutions we provided.

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