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SEO Strategy for Google Penguin, Panda Update & Hummingbird

If your website has been hit by the last algorithm update and it is falling down in the search engine result page, it is time to have a look at the major concepts behind these algorithm updates. Yes, we have to admit that the updates are quite irritating; it is throwing away a lot of good old SEO rules. However, to tell the truth, the changes such as Panda Update are for the good of Google’s users. 

Google has realized that the metrics it was using until now was not the best to judge the true quality of a website and it is trying now to correct its formula. The ultimate goal of Google is to rank websites the same way we, humans, would. Of course, the algorithm update cannot reject the importance of all the previous parameters but it can surely add parameters that were not taken into consideration and change the weights between each parameter.

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The SEO life before the algorithm updates

Search engines, in general, really truly want to find the best website possible selling the item you were looking for. Trying to guess human preferences and display the most accurate result has surely always been the aim for Google. However computing human choices is quite a hard job. The quality of a website is somewhat an abstract concept for a software. Software needs numbers. How to know whether a website is a good website or not? Google’s first choice was to measure its popularity across the World Wide Web.

Humanly speaking, if you are popular, people speak about you and this was the whole point of quantifying the links bouncing to a website to determine how popular it is. It was a good idea of course but people understood quite fast that this is a parameter they can easily manipulate. Link Farms have been flourishing, polluting search engine result pages with websites that looks awful or unsafe.

The SEO Strategy after Penguin & Panda updates

Google’s is well aware that the first choice was not the best one and it is trying today to bypass the intensive back linking strategies. The quality of a website as an entity is certainly independent of the amount of links.

The best indication for the quality of a website is how long people spend time on the website. If you would bounce on an awful website poorly designed, lacking a clear structure and without relevant information, you would surely close it immediately and continue browsing somewhere else. This is exactly what Google Panda is about – measuring the time people interact with your website. The future of SEO, let’s call is Panda SEO, is to help you assemble a website that pleases its visitors. Design and Rank is an Internet Marketing agency that gathers both SEO and web designers to assist you to grow your website towards this goal and to complete as soon as possible your update recovery.

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