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Perfectly targeted ads, catchy ad copy, eyeball-grabbing banners and advanced Remarketing means your website sees instant boost of traffic and conversion, within your defined budget.

PPC Services India You Can Trust

PPC Services from Design and Rank is your instant digital marketing campaign which pays off. Our PPC Services will take your website to the top of search engines the moment you turn it on. Using proper headline and impressive texts, we always get a high quality score which means we get to the top, always. Design and Rank has done amazing work in PPC and today, we have clients from all over the world. Our expertise lies in creating ad copy which garners maximum clicks and creating landing pages which convert this traffic. Consequently, Design and Rank enjoys the maximum success among the PPC firms India.

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Exact Targeting

Design and Rank lets you target your customers on the basis of location, age and community to help you in increasing your client base. We make result-driven efforts aiming to help you earn qualified leads from every ad.


Never settle for less when you are given opportunities to get more even without paying extra. Design and Rank help you know how to display more links to your ads. These links include call extensions, site links and many more. We do everything on behalf of you to deliver outstanding results.

Ad Extension

Our UX-oriented website design service helps you in giving users a new experience. We at Design and Rank are one of the few companies offering test for every website page for user interface to improve user’s experience. We make sure every website undergoes navigational challenge testing, user-flow testing and multi-variate testing for yielding expected outcomes.

Google Certification

Being a Google and Bing certified company, Design and Ranks assures you that your account will be handled by only certified professionals. They possess enough experience to match your specific needs and expectations.

Advantages of Pay Per Click Advertising

Instant result

Unlike SEO, PPC doesn’t ned time, Once the ad is created it takes maximum 2 hours to start showing. No long wait to get your website to the first page of the Google search result. Easy set up and fast effect makes it ideal for urgent campaigns.

Extensive Reach

Combining Google Display Network and Google Search Result Page, instantly show your ads on millions of websites of your choice and also on Google Search Pages. SEO will not get the GDN placement for you.

Highly Targeted Campaign

Where do you want to show your ad? Choose the websites manually or filter the list in innumerable ways to show your ads only where you want. Utilise your money in the best way by only showing your ads where it matters the most.

Easy on/off

Run the ads when you want and pause or cancel the campaign when you want. As easy as turning on and off a light switch. No contracts, no obligations and no fixed investment. Resume your campaign when its necessary and your budget allows.

Highly Qualified Traffic

Who do you want to show your ad? Choose your target viewers using age, gender, location, browsing pattern, affinity sections and more. Exclude certain demography easily, if you want. No campaign allows so minute targeting.

Testing Capabilities

Run multiple variations of ads to test the most successful ads. Use different headlines, check different offers and ad extensions to choose the most successful variation of your ads. Design and Rank performs regular A/B testing to improve your campaigns.

Your Instant Route to Success For best results of our PPC Campaigns

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Amazing Benefits of PPC Services from Design and Rank

Perfect English Copywriting

Our copywriters are industry experienced and will create perfect, error-free and fluent copies for your ads. Aimed towards conversion, these copies are informative and promotional at ones.

Dedicated pages

Create dedicated landing pages for each of your campaigns or your ads. Exploit the exclusive landing page design to enhance the effect of the ads and convert the visitors easily.

Instant Success

If you want to get started with online marketing quickly, PPC is the best way for you. Choose Design and Rank, India’s leading PPC agency for your online PPC campaign and you will not need to worry about your budget, your campaign or your revenue ever again.

Catchy Headline

Headlines catch the first glance. We don’t write headlines, we craft them using high dosage of imagination and finely blended promotions to get your users going at once.

Maximum ROI

Design and Rank designs every campaign for one purpose, maximise ROI and minimise expenses. Our ads are designed so that not even one click is wasted because every click costs you money.

Different Modes

When do you want to pay? Design and Rank can create Pay Per Click, Pay Per Impression, Pay Per Viewable Impression, Pay Per Conversion and other types of campaigns with ease so you pay only when you want to pay! That makes Design and Rank your ideal choice of PPC Company India.

Budget Adherence

Whatever we do, we stay within your prescribed budget. Never will you receive a surprise bill from us. We will bring you revenue well within your budget.

Amazingly Low Charges

Campaign set up charges from Design and Rank will drop your jaw! The top PPC company India will work for you for next to nothing. Take advantage of first world performance at third world rates.

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