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Agencies and companies from all over the world choose Design and Rank as theior internet marketing company due to our ROI-oriented, result focussed and innovative approaches.

How can an Internet Marketing Company help?

Hiring a Internet Marketing Firm is a sine qua non…
Whether you are planning to set up an all new online business or planning to expand to the Internet your already established offline business, you need to follow an Internet Marketing plan. Just creating a website and stuffing it with some awesome content will not take you anywhere. If you are serious about building a high ranked website in the search engines’ result pages then you need to follow solid Internet Marketing strategies to go faster. To achieve your business objectives, you need to make your presence felt in the Internet and reach out to your potential customers. This is why we, at Design and Rank , will tell you all about Internet Marketing and how to increase website traffic.

The website traffic are driven by Search Engines at 85%
Search Engine Marketing is perhaps the most important thing to do in parallel with SEO. Once you have the right SEO tactics and an Internet Marketing strategy, the visibility of your site is maximal. New customers would be able to find you. All you need is the knowledge of an Internet Marketing Company.

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Search Engine Marketing and Optimization: Two strategies?

But, how would you make this possible? To get this done, you must understand how the major search engines work. Once keywords are entered in the query box, search engines look throughout the entire Internet to find the pages that are the most relevant to these keywords. However, since it would take ages to screen the entire Internet, they usually look at few factors such as keyword density and how a particular page matches the defined search terms. Design and Rank ’s SEO experts are here to ensure that your pages carry the right cues! Thus, to start with your marketing boost, you must identify some keywords and keyphrases relevant to your website. Then we optimize keywords with Latent Semantic Indexing and create web pages that include all the relevant information using those keywords in an efficient manner. The content should not be over stuffed with the keywords. They must be distributed correctly to ensure that your website gets good ranking by the search engines. You can achieve these results by utilizing content management system that incorporates all above-mentioned factors.

Being Linked and Getting Indexed by Search Engines

Of course, there are way too many websites to be screened for any search engine each time a query is asked. To circumvent the issue, search engines have a little trick: looking into existing datasets… Thus, the next step should be to have search engines noticing your website and start indexing it. Unless you link your website with another indexed site, Google will not even look at it. You can opt for paid inclusions if you want your site to be urgently indexed by the search engine. However, this is not necessary. If you have time, you can do link building and slowly Google and other search engines will start indexing your website. Some of the link building techniques offered by Design and Rank are:

Why hiring an Internet Marketing Company?

You might be a fan of DIY but the duty is tedious and may not be as simple as it seems. Hiring an internet marketing expert can greatly help you boost your web traffic and secure a position in the Top 10 results returned by Google when your related keywords or keyphrases are searched for. Design and Rank is the Internet Marketing Firm India you need to get top notch website marketing services. Why do we say so? – our portfolio will show you years of experience so does our testimonials a good track record of helping businesses build high rank in the search engines. We do not make unrealistic claims and examine thoroughly your website prior offering any plan. Design and Rank ’s goal is to provide Internet Marketing for small businesses. Hiring Design and Rank is the guarantee of getting competent SEO to help your business achieve its Internet marketing goals. To get started as soon as possible you need more proofs, contact us.

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