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Whether CMS or Ecommerce, our PHP Development Services always deliver exactly the features and functionalities you want. Build amazing sites,

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Design and Rank is a known name in PHP website development and custom PHP development domain. Our comprehensive LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) solution comes from our expert coders and developers who also master Ajax. Advantage with PHP is that it can be easily embodied into HTML. As it is open source, which means there is no licensing fee, the websites built using PHP are very affordable. For many years, Design and Rank are involved in developing PHP solutions. We have developed some of the most complex PHP designs for our clients.

Our dedicated and expert PHP developers, who also take part in some of the most popular PHP related forums online and share accurate solutions, can analyse most complex business model, streamline the process and deliver effective solutions. We take each case on its merit and deliver solutions apt for it as we believe every business has different challenges and needs different solutions. Large data handling has been another field of expertise for us.

Design and Rank is adept in delivering PHP solutions for each and every purpose.

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We have proven our mettle in each type of PHP development solutions. PHP is the best server-side scripting language nowadays and exploiting that we can achieve a lot more than simple CMS. PHP Application Development Custom PHP and PHP website development which meet the client’s business requirements perfectly. Features-rich and robust solutions come from our experienced and cross-domain expert developers which result in perfect PHP development.

Application Porting and Migration Porting and migrating database and applications to other platforms can be done easily via PHP solutions. Additionally, porting of database and server porting can be done via PHP. Stand-alone applications can also be migrated to web based platforms. Design and Rank delivers solutions, not products. We work tirelessly until the client is satisfied with the end result. This makes us different from all our competitors who charge even for minor revisions.

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