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Our dedicated, trained and always alert support team helps you anytime you need them. No matter how grace the issue is and how urgently you need the solution, we are always there for you.

Every Company Needs Website Support & Maintenance

If you want to concentrate on business growth and not on the health of your website, you need to hand over the duties to Design & Rank. We will take over the complete maintenance and support responsibilities so you can negotiate your business calls. We have different packages for different needs and these packages cover every technical issue your website might face. 

Our solutions are cost effective as you don’t need to maintain anyone to look after your website. With the recurring cost of maintaining a support team gone, you can utilise your funds for expanding your business. We specialise in small and medium businesses so we know budget is a big constraint and thus, we have designed different packages for different budgets so, you, you and you can all use our services!

Hosting Management

We will help you not only in finding the best hosting plans from the best providers, we will take the complete charge and get it done. Whether you need hosting for your newly built website or want to migrate away from your crappy hosting solution, we will get this tricky job done, without losing any data or taking the website down. 

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Website Restructuring (responsive)

Still stuck with the old, static HTML website? We can help you to move to a modern, responsive design with all the modern features, fancy eye-candy and added functionalities so that your website look modern, beautiful and offer features what your competitors are offering. We will completely redesign the website as well, staying true to the original theme.

Enhanced Security

Hackers are evolving, so should your security. Design & Rank will enhance the security of your website using SSL certificates, AES 256 bit military grade encryption and add multiple layers of protections from hacking attacks, bots and hostile takeover attacks. We will keep your business safe and your clients would do financial transactions securely.

Proactive Support

Don’t call out for help during emergencies, Design & Rank offers you help even before you ask for it. Our support & maintenance packages deliver proactive support to our clients so that disasters can be avoided before they happen. Our team keeps round the clock eyes on recent developments and your web health so nothing ever escapes us.. 

Some Common Services of Our Support & Maintenance Packages

Website Upgrade

We will upgrade your website so that not only it looks modern but also carries modern features, fits modern devices and browser easily and beautifully.

Website Maintenance

Our team engages in proactive website maintenance so your site never faces downtime and nothing goes wrong. Customers will find your website like they want, always.

Server Upgrade

We will upgrade your server to more modern and versatile servers. If need be, we will employ cloud server technology so that your website is safe from hackers and opens super-fast.

Module Addition

Want to add a new feature or integrate online payment system? Design & Rank will add it to your existing website without any hiccups and your customers can start using it immediately.

Security Upgrade

Improved and enhanced security from our side will keep your site safe from every type of attacks so that your clients can trade on your site more securely and more confidently.

24*7 Monitoring

We don’t sleep so you can sleep peacefully. Our team runs round the clock automated monitoring on your website so we are ready for every disaster even before it takes place.

No AMC, No Contract, No Legal Obligations

Pure Technical Support for Complete Peace of Mind

Website Support & Maintenance From Design & Rank

Online presence is so complex nowadays that anything can go wrong anytime. You need professional support & maintenance from the experts and who else to turn to than Design & Rank! Our professional team looks into every technical issue of your website, right from domain management to user experience, so that nothing goes wrong. 

Our certified team of bug testers filters out all the bugs which might have crept up during design and development and straightens out the creases. We will ensure that your users get a bug-free experience, every time they use your website.

We have clients who have handed over their complete duties to us and we have not failed them. They enjoy a hassle-free online presence and utilises the time and money of the growth of their business. Not only that, thanks to our ever vigilant support team, their business is never exposed to any risk.

If you want to remove every worry and tension about your website, you mist subscribe to our support and maintenance packages. They are really affordable and we have one package for every budget.

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