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Whether you are planning to establish your own online business or create an online presence for your brick and mortar business, you need SEO consulting services to help you get started. A well-built website is perhaps the most cost-effective method however you need to promote your business. Most web searchers don’t look beyond the top 10 results of any major search engine. Having a great website but without proper search engine visibility is a futile investment.

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This is why Design and Rank is here: SEO consulting unravels the great benefit you can get from SEO and show you how to achieve amazing results and get the best out of your investment effectively.

From the smallest businesses to the biggest brands, all of them invest in SEO to get the maximum search engine visibility. The potential buyers looking for your products will only be able to reach you when you have a good online presence and this is where SEO consulting comes handy. Our consultant at Design and Rank will study your website, target your market and competitors to build up a strategy that will help your site get higher rank in Google and other major search engines.

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How can SEO consulting help you?

Design and Rank’s consultants are experts in SEO and have extensive knowledge about business strategies. They know the path towards success and will walk you through a competitive market. The right SEO consulting services can help your website climb up to the first page of the major search engines, and preferably secure its place among the top 10 searches. This considerably raises the visibility of your website and helps you attract massive web traffic. Consulting also helps you taylor the right social media strategies so as to help you create your presence in the major social networking sites.

The SEO Consulting Company will provide you with the basic knowledge regarding search engines and how to use them for the benefit of your company. Our initial services includes the actual positioning of the website and define the strategy to follow. However WebLogic Technoogies favors clarity and will provide you weekly activity reports on the work performed and monthly ranking reports on the relationship between the site and search engines. When you are also concerned about your online reputation, you can ask the consultant to help you build a good reputation for your company. This can be done by creating instructional videos, blog postings, press release, social networking profiles and so on.

Search Engine Optimization of your website cannot be done overnight. This is a long term project and may take 30 days to several months, depending on the competitiveness of your target market. Once you rank in the first page of Google, the job of a SEO consultant does not end there. It is also necessary to maintain the rank obtained and increase the number of pages that are ranked. The main SEO consulting services offered by our company are:

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