Officially, no SEO company can issue any guarantee on the ranking. Simply because none knows the Google Algorithm for ranking. However, looking at our past result, we can assure you that within a few weeks your websites will start ranking. It depends on how competitive your keywords are and how well-prepared your website is. For the new website, it is easier and faster but for older websites which have suffered from bad SEO, the time might be slightly more.

ZERO. We do not entangle you in legal contracts because we don’t believe in keeping a client who is unhappy with our services. We believe that success rate and performance should be compelling enough to keep the clients and that is what we do. We have a very high client retention ratio and they don’t have any legal obligation to stay with us. So, the success they enjoy with Design & Rank keeps them with us.
You do NOT sign any legal contracts, except for the rate, when we start your project. You are free to cancel anytime but we assure you, that you will not want to do.

Everything. In our SEO packages, for example, we take care of link building, content, on-page SEO, technical SEO, Design changes and Google Analytics set up, reporting and others. In PPC, we write the ad copy, do the needed campaign set up, perform landing page optimisation and more with you only defining the budget.
In short, we take care of everything and they are clearly mentioned as well. If something is not included, we will inform you in the beginning, like website creation is surely not included in SEO packages.

Our head office is in New Delhi, capital city of India. We have our branch offices in different parts of the world including Essex, England.
You will receive dedicated project manager and SPOC (Single Point of Contact) once you allocate us your work. We are up 24/7 to listen to you and any query will have a primary resolve within 24-48 hours.
You can email us, chat with us, have online conference call or call a local number of your area to get connected to us. All the details are listed on our Contact Us page.

Depends, highly depends on what type of campaign(s) you are running, how many keywords you are targeting, how big a geographical area you are targeting, which Google domains ( or local domains like or you are targeting and more factors.
We have some recommended packages which you can check. If you are confused, you can ask us about the most befitting packages for your campaign and we are always ready to design a bespoke packages to fit your particular needs.

Yes, all our SEO account managers and PPC managers are Google certified so your project receives the best professional care. Our SEO projects are handled by Google Analytics certified professionals and the PPC campaigns are handled by Google Adwords certified managers.
They lead the team which work on your projects. That’s a rule we always follow.

No! While Google is our primary focus, we will work on the ranking of the websites on other search engines, most notably Bing and Yahoo.
You need to inform us before the project start if you want ranking on these search engines. Otherwise, we will focus on Google and send you ranking report of Google ranking alone.
Please state your special requirements before starting the project.

Of course. This has been a speciality of ours. We enquire about your target location and get you ranked for the Google’s local version in that country, along with a ranking.
If you do business in England, we will fetch you ranking on along with Similarly, for France, we will work on as well as

We welcome you to send us an enquiry email at
Alternatively, fill up the form on our Contact Us page.
You can also chat with us on Skype @ acsiustech
Finally, call us directly at +91 – 98 9176 4802