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Increase Visibility of Your New Business on Google Maps

Increase Visibility of Your New Business on Google Maps

Your new business needs attention of its target customers to increase demand of products and services. So, it is important for you to make a right strategy to increase visibility of your business to attract customers easily and this will definitely help you in earning more revenues and also establish themselves perfectly to complete with those of many existing companies.

New commercial engagements are generally developed and filled with shops within a matter of months. This growth generally provides the great ability for making certain Google Map search observation, as comparisons can be easily made between stores with those of certain similar attributes.

Importance of Google Maps for local search


The fact can’t be denied that majority of people generally perform online searches for some local businesses. So, it is certainly no secret that mobile’s on the go capability is certainly key to local search and also approximately a third of all important searches performed on several mobile devices that are generally related to some important locations.

The leading online search engine Google is concerned about controlling approximately 95% of mobile search market share. Those who use Safari on their iPhone to search for “restaurants near me”, then Google’s snack pack results and also map generally show up. According to Mobile Application Report, Google Maps actually overtook the Google search app for fourth place in number of some unique visitors with approximately 95 million users. It generally trails only Facebook, Messenger and also YouTube in some unique visitors.

This clearly means that appearing in Google Map results is indeed highly important for those of various local businesses. Moreover, local search results in Google tend to automatically pull up with a map in the snack pack and also then clicking on the request for many important places takes you to a Google map on the basis of result page. With approximate 90% of the purchases still happens offline in many stores as well and this actually shows up in some Google Map search results, which are indeed important for the purpose of found in local business.

Problem with new businesses

When an individual types name of his/her business in Google Maps, he/she can find a red pin actually reflects marking his/her business in the right place, and also the knowledge graph with business profile information and also reviews are generally accurate and also fully complete. This clearly means that searches in a local area that perfectly matches your business category will list you in results? Well, this is not always necessary, and this is applied especially for some new businesses.


The above image provides all important details about ACSIUS Technologies, located in New Delhi, India. You can see clearly red pin that provides details about its location. On the left side, you can see address, Google Reviews and lots of other information about the company.

There is a common perception that SMBs searches in Google Maps are entirely different compared to those of using main Google search box. It indeed makes partially sense. The main reason is that the intent apparent through a search for restaurants located with a specific geographical area is indeed much more targeted and so the results are indeed pared down most importantly from similar search box query that may actually result in numbers of outcomes. But, the common belief is that every restaurant on the Google map generally shows up on the complete list of results at some points if you kept scrolling is misplaced.

If any user clicks on the next button for more outcomes or just continues scrolling down, Google Maps generally zoom out and then leave the area of original search, instead of offering search results from a broader geographic area.

What makes new businesses highlighted on Google Maps?

Well, those of some new businesses experience it tough. It is believed that nearly 50% of local search ranking factors are directly involved to third-party recognition and also intersection with your business. And so, when it comes to local search, brand reputation even from those of some national franchise brands experienced limited or in fact negligible impact.

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