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Google Launched a New Layout! What Does it Mean for SEO Professionals?

Google Launched a New Layout! What Does it Mean for SEO Professionals?

Google is known for exciting its users with some new updates and features. It is possible that you have noticed the recent updates from the leading searching engine showing now up to 4 ads above the desktop search results and at the same time removing ads appearing on the right-hand side.

As far as the impact of such update is concerned, it is yet to be experienced. As one can easily observe, there are several positive and negative impacts in this move.

Reason for saying it a good move

Well, in accordance to the analysis report, advertisements in the banner position generally receive 14x the click through rate of the same ads covering the same keyword on the right-hand side generally get clicked at a highly cheaper rate.

Besides, most impressions on the right-hand side generally shifted to waste from a performance point of view, which causes shifting more advertisements towards banner rather than the right-hand side. It indeed makes a great impact on your campaigns. Fewer ad positions also clearly reflect an average position.

Reason that makes it bad

This change tends to make a direct impact on the auction dynamics of Pay Per Click (PPC). You can now see only seven ads total instead of 11 ads previously mainly because of this changes. And in fact, more than half of the outcomes are in the high-value banner positions. One can also expect more biddings to enhance as brands and also must try to maintain a great impression share and put some hard efforts for the top-of-page positions.

Long term overview

Your balance between SEO and PPC is certainly going to be more crucial than ever. The screen shot below offers a typical commercial search engine results that make thing clear. This is something that basically seems to be a major issue for an SEO traffic.

Long term overview

Apart from this, PPC outcomes are generally getting highly expensive. Enhancing CPCs gives a clear indication that your search engine optimization needs to work more than ever before. It is important for you to ensure that your campaigns are well balanced and tested to be aware of how much PPC slack your SEO campaign can choose.

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