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Four SEO Mistakes to Avoid to Prevent Your Site from Being Penalized

Four SEO Mistakes to Avoid to Prevent Your Site from Being Penalized

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is meant to be improving visibility of your website in SERPs. It is possible only if it is performed in a proper way. A wrong SEO practice in fact tends to penalize your site and this finally makes an adverse impact on your business. We are going to quote some common mistakes that must be avoided while practicing SEO activities. And this will help you in preventing your site from penalization.

Link Leveraged Business Relationships


Majority of businesses generally create relationships with those of other businesses. In order to strengthen relationship, they usually provide to create links to one another mainly for improving traffic. Sometimes, this could be a major problem for both sites and you will finally be deprived from getting the desired results.

Affiliate Marketing Programs


Although affiliate programs are known for having lots of advantages, it tends to even ruin your efforts as well. It is something that actually depends on your skills and way of implementations. Online affiliate relationships are considered to be big business. For the most important part, they are totally spam free. There are many service providers actively engaged in affiliate relationships without any kind of fear of penalization. But, if anyone chooses to go into affiliate linking willy-nilly, they can definitely get bit.

Influencer Outreach


When it comes to influencer outreach, it is considered to be the most powerful SEO strategy and also most of the times, it functions just fine. Basically, you can find some major influencers in a given niche, just reach out of them with request and then get link juice, audience exposure and also lots of other most important benefits. Though influencer outreach is certainly great, the silver lining is indeed fronted by a cumulonimbus cloud.

Guest Blogging


Guest blogging is indeed the best way of getting the desired results, only if you use properly. Meanwhile, it has several disadvantages as well. You need to be highly choosy with your guest blogging opportunities, limiting yourself to high authority sites that would offer some great advantages beyond a link for SEO.

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